Monday, February 2, 2015

My Message to You

Hi guys!
I really wanted to talk about this subject before
I move on.
I watched the Superbowl yesterday and the Coca Cola commercial stood out to me the most.
There are more than 350 million people, globally, suffering with depression.

No one ever deserves to feel worthless. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will always shatter you apart. People don't seem to care until something dramatic happens.
It's 2015, we need to start processing that although people may appear stable,
most are just hiding their feelings away.
They keep it inside, until, they just can't hold it any longer.
Depression isn't a choice,
nor is it something to be lightly seen as.
Lend a hand to those in need,
because if you've noticed, the ones that are hurting
are usually the ones that are always there for you.
To those that are feeling depressed,
Here's my message to you:
Don't give up, my dear.
Shed a little tear
But, don't start abusing,
Keep going and don't stop moving.
You constantly tell people you're fine...
though, I don't see your smile line.
The cuts on your arms are visible
yet, they see you as invisible.

but dear...
let me make this clear,
You're beautiful and strong
and don't let anyone tell you that I'm wrong.
You can do it!
Things will get better so, don't quit.
New year, new you.
Find your compassion and push through.
I know you'll stick to it like a glue,
because, I believe in you.
See you in my next post!
Thank you for reading.

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